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skill of the most experienced printers,      demonstrations of printing, new and
and if you don’t win the prize, you at       second-hand goods for sale, and printing
least know that you have helped a good       displays to admire. There will be tables
cause. Please support this if you can.       with books for sale, including books from
                                             the BPS Library that has recently been
   Please note that we are kicking off       “thinned out”. The University in Bristol
the weekend earlier than usual, with         is having a big presence at the show,
the first event at 5pm on the Friday.         thanks to Angie Butler and her team of
This is a keynote talk by our Convention     students and ex-students. You will find
Special Guest, Angie Butler, who works       this very interesting and absorbing, so
at the Centre for Fine Print Research at     come early and stay all afternoon until
the University of the West of England,       after the AGM.
across the road from the hotel. Angie
will be speaking about her pet subject,        The Print & Craft Show will have a
the contemporary letterpress printed         Bring & Buy area, so if you have items
artist’s book. This should be a fascinating  for sale, bring them along and see if
talk and we will be asking you to sign       someone is interested in buying them.
up in advance to ensure that sufficient       We do the work; you collect the money,
chairs are in place. Then after your         less 10% commission (minimum 50
three-course dinner, we have talks from      pence). If they haven’t sold, the Bring
Stephen Byrne (on miniature books) and       & Buy items will go into the Auction at
Alan Brignull (on stamp and other highly     2 o’clock, with the same commission
skilled fantasy printing). It should be a    rules applying. This is the place to get a
cracking evening. Talk-wise, Saturday        bargain! Come by car and make sure the
will be just as interesting. We have Nick    boot is empty!
Hand cycling into the Print Show and
then giving a talk about his mobile Adana       If you have booked for the Convention,
experiences. That will be followed by        whether for the whole weekend or just
Martin Andrews telling us about the          the Saturday, you should have received
“Life and Times of Robert Gibbings, artist   an envelope of information by post to
printer”. Finally on Saturday, Katherine     help you with the journey and to give you
Anteney from Red Hot Press will give a       some idea of what to expect at Bristol.
practical demonstration of lino cutting      If you haven’t received your envelope,
and printing. This is a fantastic range of   please send me an email and I will let
talks and what’s more, none of them          you have the information by return.
clash; you can attend them all, if you
have stamina!                                   One last request. As you know, BPS
                                             Maidenhead Branch is a small group and
   For the benefit of members who             we anticipate needing help from other
haven’t booked but are thinking about        members in the Society throughout the
travelling to Bristol on the Saturday,       weekend. In particular, help manning
there should be plenty to interest           the BPS Reception would really be
everyone and what’s more, there is no        appreciated. Please make yourself
admission charge. It’s completely free,      known to a Maidenhead member (in a
though you will have to buy your own         bright yellow shirt) if you can offer any
food at the hotel bar. The Print Show will   help and sign your name on the sheet.
have a really wide range of activities;      Many thanks.

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