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| Convention Update |                                     | |Bob Edwards (9527)

By the time you read this, the             throughout the weekend and really
        BPS Convention at Bristol will be  couldn’t have asked for better. The
        about one week away. For the       statistics are:
organising branch, Maidenhead, that’s a    91 delegates across Packages A, B, C, D,
bit scary! But we shouldn’t be trembling;  E and more besides.
everything seems to be on track for the    63 booked into Friday evening dinner.
weekend of 8th to 10th April.              89 booked into the Saturday buffet lunch.
                                           69 booked into the Saturday Gala
   First of all, members of the British    Banquet.
Printing Society, thank you for sending    32 out of a possible 36 tables booked for
in your bookings in such numbers           the Print Show.
and putting your confidence in the
small Maidenhead committee that are          Thank you, members who have sent in
preparing this year’s event. We offered a  submissions for the Sussex Cup and the
small carrot to encourage early bookings   Goody Bags. The respective envelopes
before the end of September and that       and bags are by no means full yet and
was taken up sufficiently to show the       if you are still pondering when you
hotel that we were serious about our       read this about doing some printing for
Convention. We also offered another        everyone to enjoy, hesitate no longer.
carrot in the form of a free Print Show    Give the ink time to dry and bring it with
table for early bookers, and again that    you!
was well supported. Thank you everyone
who booked early; you gave us the            You might like to know that there will
encouragement we needed!                   be no competitions in the goody bags
                                           this year. “Wot, no competitions?” we
   We have good numbers attending          hear you cry. Well yes, there will be two
80                                         printing quizzes with good prizes, but
                                           with a difference. Instead of putting
                                           them in the bags, they will be available
                                           at BPS Reception, with a minimum
                                           donation of 50p per competition into our
                                           Convention Charity. You may remember
                                           Ron Prosser’s African printing projects
                                           that have been supported in the past.
                                           He’s moved nearer home now, with
                                           a project to help the unemployed in
                                           Newport where he lives. It’s called the
                                           Stowe Park Community Print Room
                                           where two teenage apprentices have
                                           the opportunity to learn about digital
                                           printing and finishing, to gain vocational
                                           qualifications and to get a job in the
                                           outside world. Stowe Park Print Room
                                           will be demonstrating book finishing at
                                           the Print & Craft Show, so you can get
                                           a glimpse of what they are doing. The
                                           competitions are being set to test the
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