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| Cake Printing |                                            | |Paul Jay (9475)

As do many printers, I have a             scaled-up too much, since the font
         subconscious mode of proof-      supplied with this ‘cake-lettering kit’ is
         reading text that passes before  apparently too large to compile words
me, and I am happy to note that the new   like ‘Anniversary’ or ‘Thanksgiving’ on the
Editor of Small Printer has alleviated    limited-size type holder. It seems that the
me of much of that sub-conscious task     pictured product is no longer marketed,
when scanning
recent versions                                                           although the
of the magazine,                                                          idea itself is not
as compared to                                                            bad. ‘Needing
previous issues!                                                          more sugar in
                                                                          the ink’ is not a
   Having also                                                            situation many of
lived and worked                                                          us have to deal
for five years in                                                          with on a routine
France, I find that                                                        basis, although
the same instinct                                                         getting a bite in
applies when                                                              the impression
reading French                                                            might be more
language, and                                                             appealing with
now that I live in                                                        this kind of stock!
Canada where
many products                                                                But for this
are bilingually                                                           particular product
labelled, there                                                           I was struck by
are often some                                                            the ineptness of
amusing errors in                                                         the translator,
translation.                                                              who appears to
                                                                          think that the
  The enclosed                                                            French word for
photograph was                                                            letterpress is
advertising a                                                             ‘Lithographie’.
product aimed at                                                          Doing letterpress
doing letterpress                                                         on an icing
on cakes. Before                                                          substrate seems
you throw a                                                               daring enough
freshly-baked                                                             as it is: I hesitate
Victoria Sandwich                                                         to imagine
at your Adana                                                             the possible
8x5 it might help                                                         technical pitfalls
to realise that                                                           of achieving
the approach is                                                           on-cake lettering
much more manual – in fact, a scaled-     using true lithographic principles!
up version of John Bull printing outfits.  Anyway, as typos go, I think this one
Based on blog reviews of the Wilton       really takes the cake!
products it seems the concept has been

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