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was very faded and creased but a little      1885, when a George Fowler was born to
time spent with Adobe Photoshop has          Henry and Emily Fowler of Bermondsey.
restored it to original condition and        This is speculation, of course, but George
Jackson’s drawing of George at the           was born at a time when few people
press is reproduced on page 76, so           moved away from their birthplace, so
readers of Small Printer can get some        there’s a strong likelihood that this is our
idea of what he looked like and see          man. A Google search reveals nothing
the kind of press he used. The curious       of his subsequent history after 1950.

    Coloured proofs for a client in Hull.

‘swan-neck’ arrangement atop the press       There is no bankruptcy record on file
contains a small pulley, connected to a      in The London Gazette, so perhaps the
counterweight, which lifts the engraving     business was gradually wound up. Did
blanket each time the star wheel is turned   George continue beyond his retirement
to open the press.                           age, or did the work fizzle out completely
                                             as cheaper, faster printing methods were
   We have no idea when George Fowler        developed? We have nothing at St Bride
ceased trading. His name does not appear     which answers these questions, but if the
in trade directories during the first half    genealogical researcher who made the
of the twentieth century. As the only        original enquiry at the library comes up
remaining professional hat-tip stamper       with any further facts we will add them to
in 1950 he probably had little need to       the Fowler material at St Bride. I would
advertise as there was no competition        like to know a little more about a rather
for the work, which was in decline. The      special printer who was the very last of
cartoon strip shows a man who was            his line.
probably in his sixties, which ties in with
a birth record for Bethnal Green dated

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