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| From The Editor |                                        | |Chris Green (7614)

You may be aware that during the           numbers over those years the number
         past eleven months or so I have   that attend the Annual Convention
         taken on the role of Bookings     remains remarkably consistent.
Secretary for the 2016 Convention.
                                              Over those years I have acted
   I have been pleasantly surprised        as Bookings Secretary for perhaps
by the number of members that will         half-a-dozen Conventions, but from
be staying at the Holiday Inn hotel        memory the attendance at Bristol
in Filton (Bristol) for the weekend        this month will break a few records.
later this month – 56 members have         This is possibly because of the relative
booked and, along with wives, children,    convenience of the location – Bristol
partners and others, over 80 of us will    is readily accessible by road, rail and
spend a couple of days meeting one         air (and water too, if that suits you) –
another, eating and drinking together,     but also perhaps because of the huge
buying one another’s unwanted              amount of work that has gone into
treasures, and perhaps even learning a     organising it. For that we have to thank
little more about printing.                the members of Maidenhead Branch
                                           and, in particular, Bob Edwards, their
   I am very fortunate in that I have      Chairman and our own Vice-President.
been able to attend every Convention
since 1990. I am not claiming any             Collectively we look forward to the
record here; there are many members        possibility of another Branch bidding
whose attendance records exceed mine       for the chance of arranging the 2017
by a considerable margin. It is a point    Convention – meanwhile, I personally
worth noting, though, that despite         look forward to meeting many of you in
an indisputable fall in membership         Bristol in a few days’ time.

| From The President |                                     | |Jean Watson (3712)

The first year of my Presidency             provided the solution. Many thanks to
         is coming to an end. It has been  all.
         enjoyable and quite a learning
curve. Before rejoining the E.C. I had        I am now concentrating on the
forgotten just how much work is done       Convention in Bristol. The awards are
on our behalf by both E.C. and non E.C.    at the engravers as I write this. On
officers.                                    their completion I shall give them a
                                           good clean and polish so they will look
   I have had a couple of enquiries        sparkling when presented to the very
which I’ve been unable to answer,          deserving recipients.
just a quick email or telephone call
to members who I know can help has            I’ve printed a couple of bundle items
                                           for the Goody Bags and have just
Cover Illustration: Lino cut by            completed my search for a “posh frock”
former member, the late Ben Sands,         to wear on the Saturday evening!!!
reproduced with the kind permission
of Matt Sands and the Canterbury              If you haven’t booked for the
Heritage Museum.                           Convention and would like to attend
                                           for the day on Saturday, come along,
                                           you can be sure of a warm welcome.

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