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ALL MEMBERSHIP                                             21
RENEWALS currently £27
for UK, £42 for Overseas, or              DD II AARRYY
noƟficaƟons for change of
address, email or telephone   10th October....... Essex Branch Visit
numbers should be sent to     The Hell Box Foundry Kent
the Membership Secretary:     24th October....... Dorset Branch MeeƟng
                              Annual Lunch in a pub TBA
   MARGARET ROOKES,           25th November... Dorset Branch MeeƟng
      57 CRAISTON WAY,        Whitcombe
        GREAT BADDOW,         13th November... Dorset Branch MeeƟng
          CHELMSFORD          Christmas Lunch at Westbury Lodge
            CM2 8ED
 Please make any cheques
        payable to the                     ěó ÛЛÙÝ

 'BriƟsh PrinƟng Society'.         If you are new to the Society and want to find out
                                   about your local Branch, or if you want to start up

                                       a new Branch in your area, please contact:

                                    Bob Edwards Tel: 01252 615439 or

                                          s BPS S
                                   BRISTOL CONVENTION
                                    8TH -10TH APRIL 2016
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