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CONVENTION                                      2016 UPDATE

                                                                by Bob Edwards (9527)

SOME of you will be coming some                 the docks are now transformed. The

distance to the ConvenƟon—we                    warehouses are now desirable homes

already have at least one booking from          and the waterfront is an aƩracƟve mix of cafes,

Scotland—so it is a fair quesƟon to ask, "What restaurants and shops.

is there to do in Bristol if we decide to stay  If cathedrals and churches are your scene, then

longer and make a holiday                                       Bristol will not disappoint.

out of the journey?" Well,                                      You may recognise Bristol

the short answer is—plenty!                                     Cathedral chapter house as

Perhaps the best way to                                         one of the locaƟons for the

get a flavour of Bristol is to                                   filming of Wolf Hall, the recent

board one of the frequent                                       BBC mini-series. Another

Sightsee Bristol Buses.                                         beauƟful building is St Mary

Just get yourself to Broad                                      Redcliffe Church which has the

Quay in the centre of the                                       proporƟons of a cathedral,

city or to one of the many                                      but is in fact just a parish

bus stops and sit back for a                                    church, albeit a special one.

75-minute tour. What will                                       It was once described by

quickly become apparent                                         Queen Elizabeth I as "The

are the importance of the                                       goodliest, fairest and most

railways to Bristol and                                         famous parish church in

the influence of Isambard                                        England". If this is not

Kingdom Brunel, the                                             enough for you, then Bristol

architect of the Great                                          is the locaƟon of the oldest

Western Railway.                                                Methodist Chapel in the world.

Two of Brunel's designs                                         Go to the New Room at 36 The

top the list of Bristol aƩracƟons—the SS Great Horsefair to see this gem built in 1738, very soon

Britain and the CliŌon Suspension Bridge. The aŌer John Wesley decided that there had to be

SS Great Britain is one of the most important an alternaƟve to the established Anglican Church.

historic ships in the world. It was fiƩed with a Another unlikely religious place, South-East of the

1000hp steam engine driving a screw propeller city centre is the Arnos Vale Cemetery. Rather

rather than paddle wheels, which was the latest than being a sad and macabre place, Arnos Vale

technology in the 1840s. The CliŌon Suspension has some lovely walks and interesƟng

Bridge was opened in 1864 across the Avon       monuments and is now a popular venue for

Gorge and has always been a toll bridge to pay woodland weddings!

for its maintenance. You can look around the    So if you haven't yet booked for the

Visitors' Centre and even go on a free guided ConvenƟon, maybe you should consider making

tour. Whilst we are thinking about water based Bristol the focus of a holiday next April. There

technology, a walk down to Bristol City Docks should be a booking form enclosed with this

will amaze you. Once the focus of trading of issue of Small Printer. We look forward to

many commodiƟes with all parts of the world, hearing from you!

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    ÖÙ®Äã Ý«Êó ›ÄØç®Ù®›Ý ãÊ Ê ›—ó ƒÙ—Ý.................. ›Ãƒ®½: ÖÙ®ÄãÝ«ÊóϐώϏϔ@ÖÝěã.ÊÙ¦.ç»
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