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types, undated, but I suspect produced well         covered in pawprints, so there's another excuse
before WW2. The picture shows two men and           sunk. Of course, I have always relied on the fact
a women working on what appears to be like a        that my prinƟng isn't perfect enough for me to
flat bed press, made by W. RuƩ. Does anyone          be a member of the PG, but it seems that is not
know about his press?                               a valid reason either. If something isn't perfect,
                                                    just say that you were experimenƟng and it
   And you can se that I have used Verona           went wrong; everyone will be impressed!
to reproduce what I believe are very wise
words, from a verse of The Laws of the Navy             It would appear that I simply have no valid
(opposite page).                                    reasons for not joining the Publishing Group,
                                                    so thanks to John Easson's superb masterpiece
      LETTERS TO THE EDITOR                         of wiƩy prinƟng, I am officially running up the
                                                    white flag at Advantage Press and surrendering.
Dear Editor, When I opened my September             What next? It seems I have to apply to the
Small Printer envelope, out came a tri-folded       PG Mailer for a membership form. Does this
bundle item enƟtled "Excuses Excuses" and I         mean I have to write words on paper as well
read this straight away before looking at the       as pay money? Oh dear, this is so complicated
magazine. I am sƟll chuckling!                      but I expect I shall manage. With any luck,
                                                    if I deliberately make a few errors on the
  This excellent piece of two-colour leƩerpress     applicaƟon form, the PG CommiƩee may reject
prinƟng is all about the reasons that members       my applicaƟon on the grounds that they have
may give for not joining the BPS Publishing         sufficient incompetant PG members already!
Group. Well, I can honestly say that I have been
as guilty as the rest of the Society in making            Seriously, I am already familiar with PG
several of these excuses. "I haven't the Ɵme"       offerings because, as a member of the EC, I
comes to mind, and that is swiŌly dealt with        am sent the PG bundle and I never cease to
by staƟng none of the members have the Ɵme          be amazed at the variety of pieces of prinƟng
either, and if they did, the PG Mailer would        that drop out of the envelope. I'm not sure
be overwealmed enough to ask for a pay rise!        what I shall print to go into the PG bundle
Another excuse I have oŌen privately thought        but I'm determined to make it different and
is that "I don't print leƩerpress; everyone in the  memorable. Thanks John for making my week
PG seems to be a leƩerpress printer." Except        start with a chuckle. I hope that I am not the
of course the one who is always prinƟng items       only member moved to give up making excuses
                                                    and join the Publishing Group.

                                                                                     Bob Edwards (9527)
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