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MEMBERSHIP                                                RETIRED PRINTER
                                                      (EX BPS) HAS QUIPMENT
                                                                  FOR SALE
ěó ÛЛÙÝ:
10796 Mr John Woodwark, Waterloo House,                                  • Adana 5x3 •
2 East Street, Tollesbury, Maldon. CM9 8QD                               • Adana 5x8 •                                             • Kobo TC801 Foil Printer •
                                                             • Nashuatec CP325 Copy Printer •
10797 Mr Simon Goode, London Centre for                  • Rexel WB600 Wiro Binding Machine •
Book Arts, Unit 18 Ground Floor, Britannia                         • Ideal 3905 GuilloƟne •
Works, 56 Dace Road, London. E3 2NQ                         • Riso Print Gocco B6 Hi-Mesh Set •                               • Books, Foils and LeƩerpress Accessories...

‘«ƒÄ¦› Ê¥ ›Ãƒ®½ ƒ——Ù›ÝÝ:                                        MORE INFORMATION
5990 Mr Cornelius D J Cornes:                          Chris Page (West Sussex) Tel: 01798 815711
—Êăã®ÊÄÝ:                                                         Email:

2959 Mr John Easson | 6955 Mr Ron Watson                Paul Hatcher's (10648) answers to
                                                         the printer's terms published last
10152 Mr Stephen Gill
     £27 for UK, £42 for Overseas, or noƟficaƟons for     Balaam: a slang term for standing maƩer
      change of address, email or telephone numbers         kept for filling up newspapers. Filler.

        should be sent to the Membership Secretary:       Barged case: a case that is uneven with
        MARGARET ROOKES, 57 CRAISTON WAY,               the various sorts–some full, others empty.
        GREAT BADDOW, CHELMSFORD. CM2 8ED                 BoƩle-arsed: type thickened at the feet

          Please make any cheques payable to the             through wear and tear in conƟnual
                    'BriƟsh PrinƟng Society'.            impression and improper planning down.
                                                        Bullock's Heart: Pressman's expression for

                                                                 250 copies, a 'lean' number'.
                                                         Jigger: a small box with divisions to hold

                                                           peculiar sorts, usually made of quads
                                                                            and leads.

                                                      IT HAS come to my aƩenƟon that there
                                                      has been an unfortunate mistake in the
                                                      labelling of the June – October 2015 issues
                                                      of Small Printer as Volume 52, when they
                                                      should have been labelled Volume 51.
                                                      This is recƟfied with this November issue.
                                                      Apologies. –Ed
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