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          CONVENTION 2016 UPDATE

                                         by Bob Edwards (9527)

THE preparaƟons for next April's ConvenƟon  So how does this affect you? Well, if you

are moving up a gear now, with the meeƟng have been thinking about selling some of your

rooms, programme and speakers being         surplus prinƟng equipment, or perhaps giving a

discussed in detail. Once everything is           demonstraƟon, but haven't yet booked

finalised, a programme summary                                   a table, then you need to take

and a list of Print Show traders                                acƟon now; we have already

will be published in Small                                      allocated nearly half the

Printer for you to peruse in                                    available show space.

advance.                                                        Tables are just £10 each.

I'm pleased to report                                           Those of you intending

that there was a saƟsfying                                      travelling to Bristol for

surge in bookings during                                        Saturday 9th April should

September and we are                                            consider booking package

hoping that this will conƟnue.                                  E which will get you a buffet

Roughly speaking, we                                            lunch and all the day's

have about 50% of the                                           beverages for £25.
anƟcipated delegates BPS CONVENTION For a hotel venue,
for weekend booked                                              this really is a very
in on A or B packages.                      2016                reasonable outlay and

The ConvenƟon is certainly now on                               cheaper than purchasing from the Bar

a viable fooƟng, so the ExecuƟve                                or Starbucks. Don't leave it to the

Council and Maidenhead Branch                                   last minute because that just piles

can relax just a liƩle knowing that                             on the pressure for the organisers.

the 2016 ConvenƟon is being              BRIS TOL Be resolute. Please fill in your
supported by the membership.                                            booking form and send it to our

Oh yes, I can hear someone                                      Booking Secretary, Chris Green.

saying, "But the BPS always has a                               There's always someone who

ConvenƟon in April", as if it is a certainty. The asks, "Can't I just turn up on the day if I feel like

reality is that expensive events like this need it, without booking?" Well, yes you can and there

to be actually taken up by the members, which isn't any admission charge. But because we won't

means making a decision and commiƫng        know that you are coming, you won't be on the

yourselves several months into the future.  delegate list, you won't get a name badge or a

Having adverƟsed the Print and CraŌ Show Goody Bag, and you certainly won't be able to

to the BPS membership, the word is now being parƟcipate in the Buffet Lunch. Of course, entry

spread wider to bring in bookings from non-BPS to the Annual General MeeƟng is free for BPS

traders, parƟcularly those from around Bristol. members, but we hope that you will support BPS

We are also keen to involve students from the Maidenhead Branch by booking at least a day

University of the West of England which has a package for Bristol in advance.

superb print department not far from the hotel. We look forward to seeing you!

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