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to invite well-known printmakers in to run      and a smaller portable Rollaco etching press.
Masterclasses and these are very popular with   We are hoping to invest in a new relief press
our members. We also have JuƩa Manser in        this year too. We don’t have an Albion sadly
to run the wood engraving courses as she is a   as we don’t have the space nor the budget!
fantasƟc wood engraver.
                                                   Q. Do you teach the history of
   Q. Can you give basic instrucƟon in          typography? Do any of your students get to
prinƟng with an Adana 8 x 5?                    design their own fonts?

   Yes, that’s something we do. We have an         We are hoping to run a course in the next
Adana 8x5 in the studio and we also have two    year that focuses on design and will cover
HS2 (6x4). We are looking at selling the 6x4s   techniques such as leƩerpress, screenprint
and geƫng another 8x5 as that seems to be       and bookbinding. We would like to include an
the most popular press that people use as a     element of font design in that. It’s all sƟll in
start-up. If a student wants specific help with  the planning stage at the moment.
seƫng up their 8x5 then I would suggest them
booking some one-to-one Ɵme with their own         Q. Do you have any bursaries for very
press.                                          talented, but poverty-stricken students?

   Q. Why are there no bigger tradiƟonal           Unfortunately we don’t. We are a small
prinƟng presses at RHP, for example, an         unfunded organisaƟon and our courses are
Albion?                                         priced at what they cost to run and to pay the
                                                professional tutors a fair wage for their skills.
   We have a Showcard press for prinƟng lino,   We have had students that have applied for
wood and leƩerpress on and we have an Art       funding personally though so there are grants
Equipment Etching press with a 24x48” bed       out there.

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