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   Q. Is RHP enƟrely funded by its users or do  porƞolios ready and more varied for FE or
you actually sell any of your work?             university applicaƟons. We work with children
                                                and young people in schools and in informal
   Our main income is from Courses which        youth work seƫngs as part of our outreach
we deliver to the public. We also have a        programme. On the whole our members tend
membership scheme and members pay to use        to be around the 40 – 60 age range.
the workshop. We do have regular exhibiƟons
and sell work through those. Both Sarah and I      Q. To run your courses, how many
are trained as Fine Art Printmakers and try to  permanent and extra-mural teachers are
produce our own work in between teaching        needed?
and running the business.
                                                   Sarah and I teach most of the courses but
   Q. Please tell me about the prinƟng          we do get other tutors in at Ɵmes. We like
courses that take place.

   We basically run workshops in every
printmaking technique bar TradiƟonal
Lithography. So as a list we teach:
Etching, Solar Plate, Collagraph, Drypoint,
ScreenprinƟng, Linocuts, Woodcuts,
Wood Engraving, LeƩerpress, Photo
Transfer, Papercuts and Bookbinding. So
there really is something for everyone.
We are always looking to offer new
and interesƟng courses and we make
sure that we keep up our skills and take
Ɵme to engage in our own professional
development. We invite respected arƟsts
printmakers from outside in to run

   Q. How many students use your
faciliƟes in a week, a month and over
the course of a year?

   That’s quite a difficult quesƟon to
answer. We currently have 46 members
some of whom we see more regularly
than others. On an average open access
day we will have 6 people in the studio
and we run our courses with a maximum
of eight people.

   Q. What age are your students? Is
there a minimum age?

   We tend to work with adults at the
workshop but will use our discreƟon
if a parent wants to bring a teen to a
workshop so we oŌen get students
coming on courses in order to get their
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