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FROM THE                                           FROM THE
PRESIDENT                                          EDITOR

             T WAS A GREAT HONOUR to                             S I WRITE there are twenty four
              be elected as the first female                       hours before I get to Montrose for
              president of the society at the                     the 2015 Annual ConvenƟon. Thus,
              AGM, and to receive the chain                       as a joint convenor I am just a liƩle
of office from Chris Green aŌer the annual           apprehensive—but also excited at yet another
dinner.                                            weekend spent amongst like-minded friends with
   I started prinƟng in 1970, it was rather trial  the same burning interest in print. For me, over
and error, with lots of error. In 1972 I saw the   the last thirty years, convenƟons have held a very
adverƟsement for the BriƟsh PrinƟng Society        special place in the year. Not only is the occasion
in Exchange and Mart magazine and joined           one of great social enjoyment; but when I was
on the 4th of April. I was soon contacted          a greenhorn printer and trying to make a living
by Bernard Rosen from the Sussex Branch.           in 'print', the experience and good advice that
On joining the branch, there was no looking        I was party to—oŌen very late at the bar—was
back, I was helped with everything I needed        paramount to the success of my business. The
to know. The branch meeƟngs were held in           travel to various 'outstaƟons' of the UK has hugely
members homes where I learned more and             improved my knowledge of Great Britain. (Dare
more at each meeƟng. Without that contact          I say that I might not have otherwise been to
with other branch members I may never have         Oldham or Skegness?)
learnt how to use my Adana 8x5 properly,              But I also realise that although it is good to see
and enjoy the friendship of fellow society         some new names on the delegates list for this
members.                                           convenƟon, a majority of members are unable, for
   I was Sussex Branch treasurer for a while.      many and various reasons, to aƩend this event.
Then branch secretary for a couple of years. I     Thus I fully realise that it is Small Printer that
printed the branch reports on the Adana and        predominately binds us together as a 'Society of
recieved the Ladies award. There was no desk       Friends', and your editorial team does understand
top publishing in those days.                      the responsibility that this entails.
   I joined the EC in the posiƟon of mailer           As soon as the convenƟon is over, your editor
or femailer, then society secretary for three      is off to Australia for a month, to visit his daughter
years, followed by vice president.                 and family that includes three grandchildren.
   In 1984 I was asked to help restart the         Whilst the wonders of modern technology make
Dorset Branch which has gone from strength         it much easier to keep in touch wherever one
to strength.                                       is in the world, I make no excuse in saying that
   My hopes for the society are to encourage       distance, and the sun and surf (of Bondi Beach!)
youngsters, and to remain a society of friends.    may dull my editorial brain just a liƩle. Thus I
                                                   would ask that you give even greater effort to
       ½›ƒÖ®Ä¦ «ƒÙ› óÊʗ ›Ä¦Ùƒò®Ä¦ ù ã«ÊÃƒÝ       wriƟng something for your magazine. Please sƟll
   ›ó®‘» ΄Ϗϕϗώ΅. ƒ ¦›Ä›Ùƒ½ «®ÝãÊÙù Ê¥ Ø烗Ùç֛—Ý  email or send it to me, be also very sure that it
                                                   goes to Giles Edwards too. It could well be that
                                                   I miss some emails and will not find it so easy to
                                                   write much original copy whilst I am away.
                                                      And a thank you for all those that do contribute
                                                   to our magazine. Please keep the copy coming in.
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