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by John Alexander (5509)                             in France, large parts of Central and South
                                                     America, many parts of Europe and in the
          teacher, not long aŌer the first world
           war, devised a method of teaching                                   French speaking part of
          that involved                                                        Canada. The InsƟtute
leƩerpress prinƟng.                                                            supplied teaching
He encouraged his pupils                                                       materials and a simple
to write about their                                                           flat bed press using a
everyday lives and special                                                     plywood bed and platen.
events. AŌer correcƟon
by the whole class, the                                                           As everywhere the
essays were set in type                                                        computer has replaced
and printed as a class                                                         leƩerpress and the press
acƟvity. The pages were                                                        is no longer available.
compiled into a magazine
and the magazines                                                                 So this is an arƟcle
exchanged with other                                                           about a dead pioneer
schools using the                                                              and a vanished press.
same techniques. Early                                                         Does he have any
successes led to a large                                                       influence on prinƟng
movement growing and                                                           today? Oddly enough,
an InternaƟonal InsƟtute                                                       the answer is YES. Peter
was formed under the                                                           ScarraƩ, a volunteer in
name of the teacher, CelesƟne Freinet.                                         the PrinƟng Workshop
He expanded his theories into what is now            at Amberley Museum tells me that, of all the
known as child led educaƟon. It is followed          school parƟes that visit, the French are in his
                                                     opinion the worst behaved.

ã«®Ý ÝƒÃÖ½› ‘ÊÛ ¥ÙÊà 㫛 ÖÝ 'çė½›' ƒç¦çÝã Ϗϗϔϓ.
ÖÙ®Ä㛗 ÊÄ ƒÄ ƒ—ƒÄƒ ϖøϓ ù ¥.«.ÙÊó›.
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