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Maidenhead Branch–March                        binding, at first numbering each book individually
                                               as part of a limited set. As greater quanƟƟes
THE meeƟng on 2nd March was held at Anke       were required, Rena had to change her style to
Ueberberg’s house in Reading and seven         embrace a certain amount of mechanisaƟon, but
members were present. Anke had invited a       her NaƟonal Trust books were always reasonably
special guest and friend from the University   priced; she only charged enough to make a
of Reading's Department of Typography and      simple living.
Graphic CommunicaƟon, MarƟn Andrews,
who had come to talk to us about Rena             The second part of the meeƟng was devoted
Gardiner. Anke and MarƟn have been working     to the Bristol ConvenƟon 2016 that Maidenhead

on a book project devoted to this eccentric                                              Branch has
but talented arƟst printer who lived and                                                 offered to
worked in Dorset. None of us were familiar                                               organise.
with Rena Gardiner’s work so listening to                                                The various
what MarƟn said and being able to look at                                                packages were
the books he brought was a real privilege.                                               discussed
Rena Gardiner (1929-1999) made a name for                                                and samples
herself in the 1960s and 1970s creaƟng guide                                             of a possible
books for the NaƟonal Trust. She operated a                                              logo were
one-person industry from her liƩle coƩage,                                               voted on by
producing the text, illustraƟons, prinƟng and                                            members. If
                                                                                         everything has
                                                                                         worked out, a
                                                                                         booking form
                                                                                         for the BPS
                                                                                         2016 should
                                                                                         be enclosed
                                                                                          with this
                                                                                          We look
                                                                                          forward to
                                               seeing you at Bristol next April.
                                                  Many thanks to Anke and MaƩhew for
                                               making us feel so welcome and for providing
                                               refreshments so that we could conƟnue our
                                               meeƟng despite the lateness of the hour.

                                                                                Bob Edwards (9527)
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