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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR                           method Jean wrote about. But I think you
                                                   might find the following furniture restorer's
PRINTING, NO MATTER                                and gunsmith's method even beƩer.

Dear Editor, This letter is nothing to do          Using a steam-iron, put the thermostat up
with prinƟng—but does that maƩer? It is            to 'linen' and make sure the reservoir is
actually concerned with the mental health          full. Now when you steam-iron the surface
of our members and more importantly, pre-          of the wood, it will gradually expand the
venƟng the onset of dibillitaƟng condiƟons         crushed areas of the surface back to the
like memory loss. I simply want to bring to        original level. It works, I've done it. The next
members’ aƩenƟon the existance of a piece          day you can apply a new coat of shellac and
of sofware that is downloadable for free           it will be 'good as new'.
from the Internet. The program is called
LUMOSITY and it has 50 million followers                                   Gwen Harper (5992)
around the world. Lumosity is a brain-
training regime that you log onto regularly,       WELCOME POINTERS ALONG
say five times a week. You pitch yourself          MEMORY LANE
against a series of exercises designed to
stimulate such elements as speed, short-           Dear Editor, What a pleasure it was to read
term and long-term memory, attention               the April edition of Small Printer. Varied
span, flexibility and problem-solving. This is      arƟcles; Paul Hatchers answer to name the
for computer-loving people who have ten to         press and the nostalgic contribuƟon from
fiŌeen minutes a day to spare at no cost. Yes,      Dr. Ian Dormer—doing the diss.
the program will invite you to sign up for a
subscription "to unlock the full potential         This item brought back memories of my
of the games" but it isn’t necessary; just         own time as a Letterpress machine ap-
                                                   prenƟce (the boys who used to send back
                        ignore the pleas! I’ve     parrafin soaked inky formes to the comp
                        been following Lumos-      room) and started a whole new train of
                        ity for nearly six months  thought about composing room apprenƟc-
                        and it’s cost me nothing   es. I thought that they used to take the lead
                        except some downƟme,       home to use as weights for their model
                        but do I feel beƩer for    aeroplanes but chucking it into a river is a
it? You bet! In your favourite browser, go to:     whole new concept.
hƩp:// to register with
a simple username and password, then off            The idea of hints and tips is an excellent
you go! Why not give it a try and let me           one and I do intend to send something
know how you get on.                               about platen packings, but as we have just
                                                   returned from holiday I doubt that I will
                         Bob Edwards (9527)        be able to get it done for the May issue.
                                                   I would suggest that the impression
WOOD YOU BELIVE IT !                               problem that you experienced with your
                                                   Arab was caused by either; a packing that
Dear Editor, Having read Jean's Ɵp for re-         was too soŌ and did not allow the type to
storing wood type, I thought I'd write to say      bottom the grain of the paper, or, it was
I agree that you can probably restore the          not a new packing and had already been
surface of hard worked wood type by the            indented from a previous job.

                                                                             Len Friend (8988)
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