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FROM H I M .......... by Ron Prosser (9405)

To celebrate my 80th birthday recently my
family took me to see The Mousetrap at
St.Martin’s Theatre, London.

     THOROUGHLY ENJOYED THE                        According to the internet, Meggie was “a
     PERFORMANCE and between us we              contemporary of the likes of Sibyl Thorndike,
     managed to correctly idenƟfy ‘whodunnit’   Noel Coward and John Gielgud, but who
before the ending, and like all the audience    was also, when it came to acƟng talent and
we are not allowed to divulge the secret.       charisma, very much their equal and who, but
   However, whilst waiƟng in the foyer of       for her tragic death, at the age of just 24, had
the theatre I was intrigued to see a sculpted   the potenƟal to possibly outshine them all”.
plaque of a young lady, Meggie Albanesi,
hanging on the wall. Something of the              I also rather gather that she was a favourite
leƩering of the inscripƟon made me look         of Basil Dean, a director of the theatre at the
closer. It was inscribed ‘Remember Meggie       Ɵme who was besoƩed with her and who
Albanesi, an arƟst who died in the service of   commissioned the plaque.
the theatre, December 9, 1923. R.I.P.’
   Searching through my programme, I
discovered a short reference to the plaque
which confirmed my suspicions, that the
plaque had been sculpted by our old favourite,
Eric Gill.

THE PLAQUE HAD BEEN                             ®½½çÝãكã®ÊÄ ãƒ»›Ä ¥ÙÊà 㫛 ¹ç®½›› ݛٮ›Ý—㫛 ƒ—ƒÄƒ
SCULPTED BY OUR                                 ‘ÊÄě‘ã®ÊÄ ù Ê Ù®‘«ƒÙ—ÝÊÄ, óÙ®ãã›Ä ®Ä Ϗϗϗϕ, Ý«Êó®Ä¦
                                                «Êó Ýý½ 㫛 «ÝϏ ƒ‘ã烽½ù óƒÝ͑


   I have tried to idenƟfy the typeface used
by him, although very like Perpetua, it has
some differences so I assume it is not but it
is undoubtedly of his classic style. I wonder
if any of our other sleuths can have more
success than I.
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