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famous Victorian conjuror. The names of         belongs to the genus ephemera, and the word
star aƩracƟons such as P. T. Selbin and The     has been adopted to describe any piece of
Great Carmo are lost in the mists of Ɵme,       printed maƩer which is intended to have a
but Henry Evans-Evanion lives on through        brief life-span. Bus Ɵckets, chocolate wrappers
a special collecƟon at the BriƟsh Library.      and flyers fall into this category, as do cereal
The material he brought together during his     packets. In recent months an empty Kellogg’s
lifeƟme provides a unique snapshot of 19th      Sugar Smacks box was sold on Ebay for
century life through Evans’ obsession with      over £400 because it featured the actor Jon
collecƟng ephemera. It started with a desire    Pertwee as Dr Who. So ephemeral was this
to maintain a record of the publicity material  sole survivor that even Kellogg’s didn’t hold a
commissioned by his fellow arƟsts, but soon     copy in their archive. A science-ficƟon fan had
expanded to include what the late Maurice       saved the packet, stored flat and away from

Rickards described as ‘ the minor transient     sunlight, so the colours remained bright.
documents of everyday life’.                    Henry Evans was hoarding such printed
                                                scraps by the middle of the 19th century and
The word ephemeros is Greek, and means          in addiƟon to the spectacular lithographic
‘short-lived’. A species of mayfly, which        posters for firework displays and oriental
completes its life cycle within a single day
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