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FROM THE PRESIDENT                                 FROM THE EDITOR

             WAS MUCH TAKEN with Tim                            WOULD FIRST LIKE TO openly thank
             Honnor’s review of the History                     Bob Richardson (9718) for providing us
             of the Monotype CorporaƟon                         with regular arƟcles of such interest. Bob
             (February, page 4). I have seen a                  spends much of his Ɵme helping in the
Monotype in acƟon and, like Tim, was in awe of     St Bride FoundaƟon, where he has access to the
the brains that were behind the development        largest prinƟng library in the world,(currently being
and engineering of such an intricate machine.      re-furbished). Those of you who have not visited
The Society Librarian has already had one          St Bride, really should do so. The place is of course
request as to whether or not the Library holds     the centre of what was the hub of the Fleet Street
a copy of this book (sadly, not yet); but at its   prinƟng industry and I am sure that it houses many
last meeƟng the EC discussed the Library and       ghosts who could tell amazing tales of the vibrant,
its future and it seemed appropriate to remind     noisy and inky acƟvity that took place all around it.
members about it.
                                                   And the church of St Bride, the spiritual home of
The Library, built up over the many years of the   the media, is also a ‘must’ visit. St Bride's Church
Society’s existence, contains several hundred      is inextricably woven into the history of the City
books and a similar number of machine              of London. By the Ɵme the Great Fire of 1666 leŌ
manuals. Most of the books are available for       the church in ruins, a succession of churches had
loan, and the enƟre catalogue is available for     existed on the site for about a millennium, and the
viewing on the website (        area had already assumed its unique role in the
be advised, though, it is within a ‘Members        emergence of English prinƟng. AŌer the fire, the
Only’ area and you will need the username          old church was replaced by an enƟrely new building
and password that is printed on page 2 of your     designed by Sir Christopher Wren, one of his largest
Membership List to gain access to it.              and most expensive works, taking seven years to
                                                   build. In the London Blitz it again suffered severely,
Very few loans are sought from the Library,        but has been beauƟfully restored.
and the focus of the EC discussion was on
whether the Library should be maintained in        And now back to the forthcoming ConvenƟon, only
its present form. OpƟons might be to sell off       just over a month away when you read this. Some
some of the books or donate some to other          more of you have signed up, and we hope that even
socieƟes, but equally there is the prospect of     more of you will have a last minute urge to come
the Society buying some newer books (perhaps       and enjoy yourselves amongst friends at Montrose.
the Monotype CorporaƟon history menƟoned           The area is not well known to me, but because of
above). This topic will be on the agenda of the    its special beauty and seaside situaƟon between
Annual General MeeƟng (Saturday 11th April         Aberdeen and Edinburgh, house prices here have
at the ConvenƟon hotel in Montrose). Many          outstripped those in the south of England. So you
of you will not be able to aƩend in person,        will not be disappointed with the venue, and there
but if you have any views on the future of the     are a lot of interesƟng places to visit close by. For
Library – whether or not you have ever made        those of you who came to Nairn in 2006, where the
use of it – then please send me your thoughts.     last convenƟon in Scotland was held, I have printed
My contact details are on the opposite page.       the photograph (page 8) taken outside my “Piccolo
It is likely that a small selecƟon of the books    Press”. It will at least remind you that Nairn was the
from the Society Library will be available at the  hoƩest place in the UK that weekend: So we can
ConvenƟon.                                         only expect that we will be blessed with the same
                                                   weather in Montrose for our important weekend
                                                   in April.

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