Page 20 - March 2015
P. 20

– Dec 2014 –  Bob has two further pages, this Ɵme on the        verse by Abraham Lincoln topped by an
              story of the conƟnuous vine leaf-like Favoro      illustraƟon of a small bouquet of flowers,
              border unit which I thought came from
              Stephenson Blake but actually came from           George Webb reminds us that printers’
              P.M.Shanks, later Stevens Shanks. One is          flowers need no watering or weeding and
              rather similar to the other and probably was      provides a selecƟon of floral ornaments,
              its inspiraƟon? He has photos of the original     some designed in Italy in 1478. A challenge
              Figgins matrices again from the St Bride          from Peter White: which of the featured LaƟn
              Library collecƟon. Bob’s final sheet is a digital  names of various flowers are spelled correctly
              copy of the Monotype leaflet announcing            for half of the list are not. Proof readers
              the release of Will Carter’s leaf border units    should be careful for some examples I’d never
              from 1955 which leaflet also featured the          even heard of. The final sheet is becoming
              decoraƟve dashes from David Bethel; see the       something of a tradiƟon. A Roll of Honour of
              Glint borders above.                              contribuƟons to this annual cooperaƟve by
                                                                members of the BPS Publishing Group from
              Ron Rookes first leaf has a two-colour page        1967 to 2013 provided by John Holmes of
              set solid in the Arabesque borders (again         New Zealand and set in Baskerville.
              so reminiscent of Joe Shearn), followed by
              extraordinarily good reproducƟons of various      The whole quite substanƟal volume is
              colourful wallpapers from William Morris’         Wire-O bound in sƟff covers printed by Bob
              KelmscoƩ Press. Jean Watson has a short           Richardson, with the Ɵtle page by George

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