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Warde of the English Monotype CorporaƟon           floral decoraƟon set exclusively in recƟlinear                    – Dec 2014 –
and became very popular with printers for its      border units. The recent cinema release of an
flexibility in layout and design. Paul Hatcher      extract from the life of Alan Turing at Bletchley
has three colourful pages illustraƟng how this     Park reminds us that others were also deeply
design compared with the earlier Arabesques        involved in the development of a means of
of the era and how well the two designs can        overcoming the problem of the Enigma code.
be used together. Again one is reminded of         John Miller recalls the GPO engineer Tommy
the work of Joe Shearn!                            Flowers who built the Colossus computer,
                                                   without which Turing could not have
John Holmes from New Zealand can always            succeeded, out of spare parts.
be relied upon to set the standard and his
brief history of the development of fleurons        Another digital contribuƟon from Ron Prosser
through the ages is a delight with floral border    illustrates the silk-screen process used by
units set within the text at the appropriate       ladies in India to aid the decoraƟon of tree
moment in Ɵme. I recall that what Owen Legg        leaves with floral designs to make colourful
calls an eliminaƟon linocut is similar to Eric     cards for sale for charity. According to the
‘Spider’ Webb’s cut-and-cut-again linocuts,        OED the word ‘flour’ is derived from the
also of the FiŌies. Owen’s full page linocut in    word flower. Bob Richardson uses this link to
various shade of green is well done; it is only a  illustrate his pages with examples of flour bags
pity that he could never reproduce it again.       from the archives of the St Bride Library. Who
                                                   remembers when flour came in 7-lb coƩon
A simple page set wholly in Sans comes from        bags?
the Semple Press of Rachel Marsh with a
                                                                                             ...‘ÊÄã®Äç›Ý Êò›Ù½›ƒ¥

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