Page 18 - March 2015
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Publishing Group Annual

                  by Fred Eagles

– Dec 2014 –  Review of the Publishing Group Annual.           Peter Criddle also has a linocut on his page, a
              Previously known as Small Printing this          large iniƟal A but the lines beneath it are set
              cooperative annual by members of the BPS         in those rariƟes Molé Floriate, Gill Floriated
              Publishing Group is a welcome surprise in        and Ballé IniƟals all appropriate to the theme.
              the depths of winter. This latest edition for    CorrecƟon: we are told on the verso that it is
              2014 is titled Flowers but has A Bouquet of      an old electro not a linocut. Two pages from
              Flowers on the cover.                            John Easson guide the printer on the best
                                                               approach to seƫng floral borders to decorate
                       IGHTEEN MEMBERS of the PG               a page. This simple exercise reminds me of
                        combine their talents to produce one   some of the work produced by Joe Shearn in
                        of the most colourful issues to date.  the FiŌies and SixƟes which were a delight to
              From the Hedgehog Press, beauƟfully set          behold.
              in Consort Light, comes the query on which
              interpretaƟon of Flowers is to be considered;    A digital page from Mike Elliston follows
              this is accompanied by an excellent ancient      illustrated with a few photos, taken on his
              electrotype of a skiff on a river by a meadow.    Blackberry, of the favourite flower in his
              Chris Brinson quotes the poet Christopher        garden. Glint was very modern border unit
              Hassall with a short verse on roses illustrated  designed by the graphic arƟst David Bethel
              with what may be a linocut?                      in the FiŌies. It was so named by Beatrice

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