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Secretaries are now only permiƩed to recruit        the platen. It was agreed that it came down
members of the Society and not to recruit non       to what the operator found to be best for
members who would be useful as members of           themselves to achieve a correct print. Win's
the Branch. A route we have used in the past        other problem was rollers. Their diameters
to bring new members into the Society..             were too small to take the ink from the disk
                                                    and run it across the block correctly. The
AŌer Dinner we had a serious discussion on          Adana 8x5 has stepped roller bearers, which
the future of the Branch. It was decided that       allow the rollers to be lowered to take into
as the future of the Branch was no longer           account the shrinkage over a period of Ɵme.
viable then the Branch would, with much             This was changed to drop the rollers and this
regret, close. The members and friends              solved the problem and a very good print was
present agreed that they would remain in            obtained on the beer mats as a result. Win
contact as far as possible. The meeƟng then         was very grateful for the collecƟve experƟse
closed aŌer the Secretary was asked to inform       available.
the Society of the decision.
                                                    There was further discussion about buying
                              Greg BarneƩ (3858)    rollers from different companies. Some
                                  (Hon. Secretary)  produce rollers down to a price to make them
                                                    affordable, while sending the actual diameter
DORSET BRANCH JANUARY 2015                          of the roller bearer ensures you start off
                                                    with the largest roller, which means they last
AT THE MEETING held on 28 January 2015              longer, but could mean you are paying much
at Whitcomb Stables we welcomed a new               more.
member of the Society from Dorchester.
He came along to meet some of the Dorset            We also discussed the best way to bring up
members.                                            wooden type that is damaged or worn. We
                                                    would be interested to know what others do
We had two Adana 8x5 on show and                    to restore wooden type.
operaƟng. Jean Watson was using hers to
proof some of Pat Swadling's blocks and a           During tea there was talk about the future
second belonging to Win Armand Smith, who           of the branch meeƟngs, the Ɵme of day and
was having problems prinƟng onto beer mat           which day to hold them. There was also a
blanks. AŌer some experimentaƟon, there             discussion about giving a talk on prinƟng to a
were two disƟnct problems idenƟfied. Too             local U3A group. Members were prepared to
much pressure, and the condiƟon of the              help with this and further informaƟon would
rollers. The pressure turned out to be very         be dealt with at another meeƟng.
heavy, which meant that the clam shell acƟon
of the Adana was prevenƟng the handle from          Our new member had recently reƟred from
reaching the stops. This was changed, by            full Ɵme employment at a large prinƟng
adjusƟng the four screw knobs on the back of        company and was now involved in saving the
the bed.                                            leƩerpress equipment that was being stored
                                                    on the premises. This may well become a
This sparked a discussion amongst the               working museum.
members, about the best method of obtaining
correct impression pressure. Jean uses the          The next meeƟng is on 25 February at the
screws on the back, while other members             NEW TIME of 2pm.
advocate the beƩer use of the packing on
                                                                                              ...‘ÊÄã®Äç›Ý Êò›Ù½›ƒ¥

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