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BRANCH REPORTS                               against the guides. Well we did not have any
                                                  rubber bands available, but we did have two
DORSET BRANCH REPORT                              members who held the rollers against the
                                                  type as Jean pressed the handle down. So
AT THE JANUARY MEETING of the Dorset              the photograph proves that it can take three
Branch, we were looking at a parƟcular block      people to print on an Adana.
which was refusing to print properly. It was
a copper block mounted on wood, daƟng             SOLENT BRANCH ͳ FINAL REPORT
from 1937. AŌer several aƩempts, Jean tried
various adjustments to the pressure, she          SOLENT BRANCH HELD ONLY TWO
then turned her rollers down onto the lower       meeƟngs in 2014. The AGM in March and the
roller bearing step. While this improved the      annual Christmas dinner on December 13th
prinƟng, it sƟll did not print completely in the  2014. The small number of meeƟngs was due
middle. Then Jean menƟoned a trick she had        in the main to age and health problems in the
used some Ɵme before, when she printed            membership. We only have four members;
raffle Ɵckets in one pass. This included two        Myself, Ken Gould, Trevor Jones and David
numbering boxes and two perforaƟons, along        Smith, with our youngest member in his mid
with a large amount of type. The trick was to     sixƟes. Our low current membership is due in
put some heavy duty rubber bands around the       the main to the absence of suitable possible
roller arm assembly to hold the rollers Ɵghtly    recruits in our catchment area. As Branch

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