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Answers please by 10th February to editor@ If any other members have an
interesƟng image of a press that they would like
to submit for this monthly quiz, please do so! -Ed

The answer to Name the Press No 24 is only          ƒ ÖٛݛÄãƒã®ÊÄ Ê¥ '—ƒÄã›', Ö琽®Ý«›— ù ÃÊÄÊãù֛
known by Paul Hatcher (10648), who kindly           ãùÖʦك֫ù ½ã—, Ϗϗϗϐ. 㫛 ãù֛¥ƒ‘› óƒÝ ݛ½›‘ã›— ¥ÙÊÃ
sent the picture to the editor—but not with the     㫛 ÃÊÄÊãù֛¥ƒ‘› ½®ÙƒÙù ƒÄ— ƒ—ƒÖ㛗 ¥ÊÙ —®¦®ãƒ½
answer!                                             ÊçãÖçã. 㫛 ã›øã óƒÝ óÙ®ãã›Ä ù ¹Ê«Ä —Ù›ù¥çÝ.

Now we have come to publish, we have tried                                                               13
to contact Paul, but to no avail. (Perhaps he has
gone on a world cruise?!)

So I am afraid you will all have to wait with
baited breath unƟl next month, when we hope
we will be able to provide you with the answers
to both Name the Press 24 & 25.

(In the meanƟme, if you have a good picture of
an interesƟng press, please send it in - but also
include the answer!) –ed
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