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by Peter Salisbury (5510)

...AN ADANA BABY THAT IS                         bought an Adana 8 x 5 through Exchange and
                                                 Mart. It was about that Ɵme that I decided to
            y brother and I inherited a 1931     join the BriƟsh PrinƟng Society and my Cer-
             Adana Baby flatbed. It belonged to   Ɵficate of Membership is dated 1st November
             my Mother’s brother who died in     1981 and signed by Jack DuƩon who was then
WW2 so we didn’t have anyone to show us          Hon. Secretary. I joined the Crawley Branch
what to do.                                      (now Surrey & Sussex) and we met at members’
                                                 homes. Some members may remember the
I was sent to boarding schools from the age      Crawley Branch Open Days that were held in
of about ten and at the first I joined a PrinƟng  Crawley before moving to Merstham.
Club where one of the staff had an Adana 8 x
5 and we printed leƩerhead for our parents.      I later bought an Adana HS2 (long before the
At the next boarding school, when I was about    railway line from London to Birmingham was
seventeen I tried to print some cards on the     thought of) and also a Rotaprint TTR2.
Adana Baby without any success as the platen
was bent. I have now donated the Adana Baby      IniƟally I printed in the loŌ of my first house
top the Amberley Museum and                      which was very cold in winter and very hot in
Heritage Centre.                                 summer. In 1984 we moved house and in the
                                                 garden of the new house was a brick build
AŌer geƫng married, to get some extra            room which was ideal for my prinƟng, it even
income, I tried again with the Baby and then

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