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future that such articles should be submitted     demolished. In my last year at Epping Junior
for approval to the Press Bureau (which           School my class paid a visit to the printing
would have known that the information was         offices. By this time, the Gazette had changed
already in the public domain). Several local      its publication day to Friday, so Friday
officials had put in a good word for Mr Valdar    afternoon was a slack time in which they
at the trial, stating how patriotic and helpful   could show around a school party. I don’t
he had always been regarding the local war        recall details of the presses, but we were
effort. The editor complains in the same          shown around the press room at the back and
issue about the “quagmire of instructions         had the process of producing a local paper
issued daily from the Press Bureau” and           explained to us. On arrival, a list of our names
how hazardous is the path he treads. In the       was supplied to the Linotype operator, and at
following week’s issue, he writes an eloquent     the end of our visit we all received individual
half-page article in defence of his position and  slugs of type with our names on. I still have
the invaluable rôle the press has played in       mine to this day. Could this be how I became
advertising recruitment arrangements.             interested in printing at an early age?

The year passes, and in the Christmas                                          Clive Rumble (5924)
edition (the 25th was a Saturday in 1915, so
it seems the paper was published as usual
for a Saturday) there were notes of thanks
from serving soldiers in Europe for receiving
news from home via the Gazette, along with
other items in their gift parcels. The editor
sums up in a note headed “No slackers on the
“Gazette” staff”:

“As the willingness to serve one’s country
in its hour of need is rightly regarded as the
touchstone of a man’s character to-day, we
take the opportunity of stating that every
member of the editorial and printing office
staff of the “Gazette,” who is of military age,
has offered himself for attestation under Lord
Derby’s scheme. The proprietor has given the
staff every facility for taking this course, and
the positions of the men ultimately called up
will be reserved for them during alterations to
the map of Europe.” We hope that those that
served were able to return and take up their
previous posts on the excellent West Essex

As a postscript, I would add that I remember
fondly a visit to the Gazette offices in 1959
or 1960, before the Victoria Buildings were

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