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from the president                          from the editor

             hat are your views on                     o here we go into another year. It is said
              New Year’s Resolutions? I                 that time flies when one is really enjoying oneself,
              suspect that I am not alone               so your editorial team must be at the peak of their
              in coming up with one or                  enjoyment. It is salutary that just two years ago
two ideas that seem good at the time,       your ‘new’ editorial team published their first edition of ‘Small
but which are soon forgotten. I have lost   Printer’. After twenty four issues of your magazine, it is truthful
count of the number of times I resolutely   to say that it has been an enjoyable and rewarding experience -
started to keep a diary, conscientiously    if one with a steep learning curve too. So somewhere out there
making a daily entry... but I don’t think   there must be a budding new editor, keen to take up my reins
it ever lasted beyond the middle of         in April of this year, and enjoy the satisfaction and privilege of
February.                                   working with Giles Edwards, to produce this monthly magazine.

One resolution that I should like to        I sincerely believe that ‘Small Printer’ fills a gap in the market
suggest to all of you is a promise to       and provides the amateur new to printing, with plenty of
provide something for the pages of Small    information and general knowledge - and the older and more
Printer at some time during the year.       experienced printer the chance to impart his knowledge and
I appreciate that you may be sick and       experience to others; through the medium of the magazine.
tired of hearing this same message – but    And for those that do not belong to a Branch, or do not manage
it only takes each member of the Society    to get to annual conventions, the magazine is the glue that
to send in one article during the year and  binds the society. Awesome responsibility it may sound; but
there would be no further need for the      in reality it is just a creative job, backed up by a friendly and
Editor to reiterate his plea for material.  supportive ‘society of friends’, and the Executive Committee.

Have you planned your holidays for the      I make no apologies for mentioning the 2015 Convention in
year? Our Spring holiday (we usually        Montrose yet again. The weekend costs at the Park Hotel are
manage two holidays each year) will be      considerably lower than some recent conventions, allowing you
centred around Montrose, and focussed       some financial space for the travelling costs to get to Angus.
on the Convention in April. Apart from      We are hoping to have a strong ‘Bring and Buy’, for where else
that memorable weekend in Nairn some        can one find such bargains these days. So please load your cars
years ago, much of our experiences of       up with all those superfluous typefaces, printing books, and
Scotland have been around Glasgow           printing paraphernalia that you no longer need or are going to
and Edinburgh and it will be an excellent   use. Someone in the society will be really pleased to have your
opportunity to see a little more of the     ‘cast-offs’.
country. I hope that we shall meet you
there.                                      Another major reason to come north is to be able, on the
                                            Sunday, to visit John Easson’s unique printshop at Blairgowrie,
                                            some forty minutes from Montrose. John’s printshop is a
                                            treasure trove of presses, and everything that a print fanatic
                                            could wish for; plus of course John’s interminable enthusiasm
                                            and skill for our craft. This in itself would be worth the trip from
                                            the south of England.

                                            Finally I must (sort of) apologise for the picture on this month’s
                                            cover. After two years in post, I thought it not unreasonable to
                                            ‘show my face’ - and what better than at a printing press in St
                                            Brides Foundation. Happy New Year to you all.

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