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MAIDENHEAD BRANCH—DECEMBER                        table working, there wasn’t much room to
It was almost a full turn-out for our             spare and cups of coffee were kept well away
practical meeting at Sarah Battyll’s studio in    from the printing. We occasionally had visits
Bracknell. Seven members arrived clutching        from Tigger, curious to know what was going
their pages for the Branch Rosen Award entry      on in his house, until the gates were put up
and were given a warm welcome by Sarah            to curtail him! Everyone was assigned a task
and Richard, not forgetting Tigger, their rather  towards assembling the book, but it was slow
large mastiff.                                    and exacting work, so there was quite a lot of
                                                  conversation whilst glued dried or someone
Anke, Bob, Barry & Richard busy working           waited for the next page to come their way.
                                                  At around nine o’clock, Sarah brought in some
This project was only conceived at the            enticing cakes to go with more cups of coffee,
November meeting and members had just             and progress halted temporarily; book making
one month to do their printing as per the         and sticky fingers don’t go together!
instructions agreed. Maidenhead Branch had
never embarked on anything as complex as          The entire assembly job took more than three
this and since every page depended on the         hours and it was so rewarding to see 25 or
previous one and the following one, there was     more completed books on the table. It was
a concern that we might have over-stretched       great for Branch morale and thanks must go to
ourselves. We needn’t have worried; the           Sarah for initiating the project and for hosting
pages were all present and correct on the         the meeting.
table and we breathed a sigh of relief! What
was also amazing was that the page reference                                   Bob Edwards (9527)
points all more or less matched; remarkable
since this was independent work done on
eight machines by eight members using laser,
letterpress, inkjet or foil, or a combination
of media. We were asked to use 160 gsm
paper and it was interesting to see the
variety of substrates used; plain white, tinted,
parchment and textured were all represented.
Sarah’s print room is a good size but with
seven members sitting down at the large

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