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BRANCH REPORTS                               or Christmas pud left on the menu. The
                                                 dinner also gave us all a chance to celebrate
                                                 Robin Clark's birthday, and this being
                                                 Robin's eightieth was a very special one.
                                                 Unfortunately, due to illness, John and Dee
                                                 Miller were unable to attend, but John had got
                                                 hold of a quite special birthday gift of Wallace
                                                 and Grommit cufflinks, which he arranged to
                                                 have delivered to the dinner. Robin being a big
                                                 fan was delighted—well done John!

The branch soak up the November sun              A seal pup nervously eyes the Branch photographer

Lincolnshire and District Report                 After the dinner, we all went to Robin and
                                                 Jean's for a chat and a slice of birthday cake.
As a rule The Lincolnshire and District          We took the chance to catch up on news and
branch's first meeting of the year is set aside  to inspect the years Rosen Award entries.
for our Christmas dinner outing, and this year   Surprisingly our panel of experts declared that
was no exception. We decided to meet up          all things considered the Lincolnshire Branch
at the Chesters pub in Newark for this year's    should win. Arrangements for the next branch
festive treat.                                   meeting made and then, when all of the
                                                 birthday cake was finished, headed home.
'Hang on' I hear you say 'why is the
Lincolnshire Branch meeting up in                                          Mike Edwards (10374)
Nottinghamshire for a Christmas dinner in
February?' A good question, but the answer       Dorset Branch—November
does make some sort of sense. We met up in       At this meeting, we watched a short video,
February (Last year it was in May), because      supplied by Roderic, on the production of the
pubs do tend to get a bit crowded around         Times Newspaper during WW2.
Christmas, and a reservation for a group of a
dozen or so in December isn't always easy to     The video lasted about ten minutes and
arrange. February tends to be much quieter,      highlighted how the paper was able to
and booking is much easier (and sometimes        continue production by moving the various
cheaper as well). Another reason being that      offices and production facilities into the
travel in December can be difficult for a lot    basements. Despite the air raids, the presses
of people when the short days mean that
travelling often has to be done in the dark,
which we prefer not to do. So why meet up in
Nottinghamshire? The answer for this is quite
simple; Newark has very good road links, and
mileage works out pretty much equidistant for
the most far flung members of the branch.

Anyway, the dinner went down well, even
though by February there was no turkey

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