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name the press? 23

What is the name of the equipment in use,          Name the Press 22 was depicted in the 1915
who made it and when? Answers sent by the          Penrose Annual and called—appropriately—
10th of the month to the:      “The Empire Press”. It seems it was a quick
uk or                    way to proof from blocks for it says:

 THANKS to John Alexander (5509) came up           Don't cripple your staff by employing them
 with the answer below. It may be that he is       to waste time on an old press in trying to
 referring to a relation of the “Empire Press”     get a proof which in the end turns out to be
 as the press pictured in quiz No.22 was           unsatisfactory.
 clearly a hand press.
                                                  The Empire Press
"Press number 22 is not so little and is used by  • Saves Time
 print finishers for cutting out labels etc.      • Saves Labour
A hollow steel cutter was placed in position      • Saves Space
 on a pile of printed sheets, the base slid       • Does not slur
 under the platen and the pressure applied.
The cutter was then placed over another            So there you have it. A sort of flatbed Adana…
 part of the pile and the procedure repeated
 ad infinitum. The sample appears to be
 hand operated, but I only ever saw presses
 operated by an electric motor. They were
 referred to as Star presses but this may have
 been a local name".

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