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The picture (right), shows the very smart
brass plaque state made by Brown & Co. of
119 Oakley Street, Westminster Bridge Road,
London. I think the press could be over one
hundred and fifty years old.

If any of you have any information on this
company, please let me know.—Ed

advertising report                           print suppliers list

Advertising Manager's Report                 Register of Useful Suppliers
WE have been notified by one of the          SEVERAL people have asked me wheth-
Society's longest serving advertisers,       er there is a list of suppliers of products
that they will cease trading at the end      useful for small printers, and I have to
of 2014. The company is Peacock Block-       say that there is not an up-to-date list
making, who have been advertising in         available.
Small Printer for decades.
                                             Thus, let's create a list! Please e-mail
Following this information about the         me with details of suppliers from which
end of an era, another supplier of blocks    you have had good recent service, giving
would be required and so, another            details of why you think they should
company who we have used to produce          be featured, and I will collate them for
blocks for our last convention, were         publishing in future issues of Small
asked if they would like to take on this     Printer. Please let me know whether you
service. Happily Metallic Elephant have      would like your name to appear with
agreed and their advert will be carried      your recommendation or would rather be
by Small Printer from this issue.            anonymous.

Another company has changed hands             Paul Hatcher (10648)
recently, namely the Lyme Bay Press.
The new owner has contacted us about         THANKS PAUL FOR THIS EXCELLENT IDEA.
continuing with their advert, although       IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE DATABASE
there will be a change to the telephone      OF MEMBERS’ PRESSES AND PLANT THAT
number, so please wait for this to appear    OUR PRESIDENT IS COMPILING, THE BPS
in their new advert in due course, before    WILL BE REALLY HELPING ITS MEMBERS,
placing your orders.                         ESPECIALLY THOSE WANTING ADVICE AND
                                             KNOWLEDGE FROM THE MORE Ex-
  Ron & Jean Watson                          PERIENCED PRINTERS IN OUR MIDST.—Ed
  Advertising Managers

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