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Tim Honnor (5578)

supported these ideals. It also explains and    Overall, I would say that this book is worth           — For further details go to —
shows the astonishing skills from the drawing   every penny. Not only does it give a broad
office and designers, to the punch cutters,     background to one hundred years of printing
that the Monotype Corporation was able to       history, when the Monotype Corporation was
call upon.                                      dominant throughout the world. But it also
                                                leaves one with the knowledge that, not-
The third section is a detailed history of the  withstanding a profit motive, the corporation
incredible invention of the typesetting mach-   was dedicated to excellence in every field; and
ines and the skills that produced these quote   that they did what they did for the furtherance
amazing pieces of engineering. I remember       of better printing, better typography and to
the first time I saw a Monotype Super caster    leave a legacy that would live for ever. Although
in operation (At BPS member, the late Alan      they had to bow to the rapid advance of the
Morton’s wonderful print workshop in            digital age from the 1980’s, have we not lost a
Sussex). It seemed to me quite impossible that  huge amount of excellence with their demise?
anyone could have designed and engineered
such a complex                                                                  I have yet to
piece of machinery.                                                             complete reading
If you want to know                                                             the whole book, but
how this was done,                                                              already know how
this is the book for                                                            much my general
you.                                                                            knowledge of the
The section ends                                                                printing industry has
with an account                                                                 increased.
of how the
Corporation tried                                                               I would strongly
so had to harness                                                               advise all BPS
their mechanical                                                                members to read this
expertise to the                                                                book; and buy it if
digital age; sadly                                                              you can.
without success.

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