Page 21 - February 2015
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facsimile of manuscripts, including drawings,  Hunting Sketches, unfortunately not
avoiding the costly and time-consuming         by anastatic printing, but digitally, and
typesetting process.                           offering the original to Thornbury Museum
                                               which already has other archive on this
Having learned something of this old printing  remarkable forward-thinking lady.
process, I then wanted to know about W.P.
Spalding, the printers, and in researching
them, I came to the conclusion they were
no longer in business and that my book had
been published in 1886.

My next task was to research the artist who
wanted her sketches to be reproduced by
this “new” process and to my amazement
I discovered that Violet Morgan was born
in 1860 at Ruperra Castle, Newport, just
a few miles from my home and that she
was the niece of first Viscount Tredegar,
Godfrey Charles Morgan, the great Victorian
benefactor of Newport whose home,
Tredegar House, one of Newport’s gems, is
now owned by The National Trust and was
recently featured in the BBC’s The Antiques

However, as interesting as this was for me,
my amazement was compounded when I
next discovered that Violet had married her
first cousin once removed, Basil St. John
Mundy of Thornbury in Gloucestershire, my
wife’s home town. Mundy being a well-
known name there even today as on Violet’s
death in 1943 she left money and property
to the Thornbury Parish Council for the
provision of a recreation park or pleasure
ground for the town, now known locally
as ‘The Mundy Playing Fields’ which are still
today wonderful assets for
the town.

So this afternoon of fascinating research
revealed much of real interest for my wife
and myself, and I trust new printing
information for some of my BPS friends. It
has also given me a new project to pursue
for I intend reproducing Violet Morgan’s

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