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printers' pLACes                              I was allowed to take some photos, one
                                                  of which is on the cover of this month’s
DC Thomson in                                     magazine. On the wall behind the press is
 Fleet Street                                     projected a series of images of the various
                                                  newspapers and comics that D C Thompson
                                                  is famous for; The Beano perhaps being the

IT WAS WHILST at the Historical Printing          most famous. I therefore had to try and take a
Society meeting, held last November, at St        photo when The Beano image flashed up.
Bride's Foundation that Peter White (10385)       There are also some interesting displays
mentioned I should go and see the beautifully     of wooden type and stereos and Charlotte
restored Albion in the old offices of DC          seemed very pleased when I explained to her
Thomson, further up the road in Fleet Street.     what they were.
                                                  Next time you are passing down Fleet Street,
The building still has its original lettering on  pop in and look for yourself. –Ed.
the facade and must be one of the last relics
of the printing industry left in Fleet Street.                                                                17
The Albion is indeed in the window and looks
resplendent. The receptionist, a person called
Charlotte, seemed to know little about her
‘desk’, where the rails of the platen hold her
computer and small work surface. On this
glass surface one also signs the visitors’ book
or buys a CD! (see cover picture).
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