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brAnCh reports                                    throughout the day with delicious sausage
                                                       rolls and cake.
IT IS NOW BECOMING a regular part of                   DORSET REPORT DECEMBER
the Lincolnshire and District Branch's
November meeting to pay a visit to the salt            THIS MEETING SAW the members visiting
marshes of Donna Nook on the North Sea                 the home of our new secretary, Win
                                                       Armand Smith, for the traditional Christmas
thAt fenCe is there to proteCt members of the publiC.  Lunch. Nine members were present and
it doesn't offer muCh proteCtion from An Angry fully   enjoyed an excellent feast, after a toast to
grown seAl though.                                     an absent friend, Liz Nelson. Also during
                                                       this meeting, the branch fixed the first
coast (about 10 miles East of Louth, due               few meetings of 2015. Another important
south of Spurn Head on the Lincolnshire side           aspect to our meeting was to fill in the
of the Humber Estuary). Donna Nook is well             nomination forms for those members who
known as the site of a practice bombing range          wanted to serve on the Executive Council
for local RAF bases, but during the months             for the twelve months after the AGM, to
fromOctober to December thousands of grey              be held in Montrose in April. Finally, we
seals return there to breed, and this was the          exchanged our Christmas cards.
reason for our regular visit. We were lucky to
visit on an unseasonably warm November day,                                                           A pieCe John eAsson set And printed for the bps bundle, August 1996
and if anything, therewere more seals born
this year than last. Some branch members
stayed behind at The Warple Press in Louth
and prepared this year's Rosen award
entries, and the others helped out when
they returned. Former-BPS member Martin
Atkins payed a visit, and brought along some
tins of ink that he no longer needed. These
were gratefully snapped up by those (sadly
remarkably few) branch members that still
use ink. A few plans for the coming year
were made, and before long it was time
for everyone to leave. Thanks of course
must go again to Wendy who kept us all fed

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