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nAme the press? 24                                               on a flat bed as in earlier
                                                                      cylinder presses) and smaller
This image of a press has been sent by Paul                           impression cylinders around
Hatcher (10648). Answers please by 10th                               it each have sheets of
February to If any                              paper fed in by a boy, as in
other members have an interesting image of                            the engraving. They were
a press that they would like to submit for this                       built by R. Hoe & Co, New
monthly quiz, please do so! -Ed                                       York. The first one (a four-
THE NAME THE PRESS NO 23 quiz was well                                feeder) was installed in the
won by Paul Hatcher (10648) and his answer                            Philadelphia Ledger office
is reproduced in full below. He also kindly                           in 1846, and in 1849 the
mentioned that he enjoyed these quizzes as                            New York Herald installed a
they increased his general knowledge about                            six-feeder one, which could
Printing Presses. We would welcome other                              print 13,000 sheets an hour.
comments from BPS members, either ‘for’
or ‘against’.                                                         In the UK Lloyd’s Weekly
It’s a Hoe six--feeder type revolving press.                          Newspaper, London, ordered
The first seriously fast newspaper press,                             a six-feeder in 1856 and it
designed by Richard March Hoe, the son of                             was erected in 1857. Seeing
a Leicestershire carpenter that emigrated to                          this press spurred The Times
America early in the 19th century. The type                           to order two ten-feeder
is held in the horizontal cylinder (instead                           presses. They stipulated
                                                                      that they had to be built
                                                 in the UK, and Sir Joseph Whitworth & Co,
                                                 Manchester built them to Hoe’s designs and
                                                 installed them in August 1858. Apparently
                                                 this caused so many problems and delays that
                                                 Hoe subsequently set up a UK subsidiary to
                                                 build type revolvers there themselves (by the
                                                 mid 1860s most of the London daily papers
                                                 seemed to be using type revolvers).

                                                 The type revolver was later modified to take
                                                 curved stereotype plates but was only able to
                                                 take sheets and print on one side of the paper,
                                                 and so when web feed perfecting presses
                                                 were invented they became obsolete. About
                                                 175 were built 1847-1876, as 2,4,6,8 or 10

                                                 The engraving comes from Hoe’s 1860

                                                 Thank you Paul. –Ed

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