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The problem is that you cannot take the                      Hart’s
photograph from a high enough elevation and                         Rules
inevitably, your scene suffers from parallax—
the towers appear to be leaning backwards.           Below is a picture of Horace Hart, of Hart’s
Photoshop to the rescue! The first task is to
use the Filter/Correct Camera Distortion             Rules for Compositors and Readers, a small
facility to swing the twin towers into an
apparently vertical position that is more            book that many of us will have consulted.
pleasing to the eye and then to crop it
appropriately to fit an envelope, in this case,      In 1883 Horace Hart became ‘Controller of
130 x 175 mm. (See figure 4).
                                                     the Oxford University Press’—perhaps a
   I wanted the left-hand and right-hand
halves of the cathedral to open to reveal the        rather ‘Oxford' way of saying he was ‘Head
Nativity scene inside, so I used Publisher to set
up the reverse of the card, with the cathedral       Printer’. The         picture shows
towers—in opposed positions—either side of
the back textual detail. (See figure 5). Notice      him on                                receiving
the essential creasing guides top and bottom.
I decided to use legal size board 356 x 216—         his honorary          MA for
a very useful size when A4 is too tight to ac-
commodate guides or when one is maximising           services to the OUP. The ‘Rules’, begun in
the size of the finished card.
                                                     1864 were originally distributed to printers’
   In Publisher, I set up the front page
depicting the triptych nativity scene by Alain       proofreaders and apprentice compositors
Thomas which is displayed in the Cathedral.
(See figure 6). Luckily for me, the centre           within the University Press; but such was the
portion of the picture was approximately the
same proportions as the twin towers photo,           demand that the little book was published
but it was still tricky ensuring that the crease
marks were in the correct position. On my HP         in March 1904 at the price of 6d. The 39th
4550 colour laser, I know that there is a 2.5
mm offset when printing landscape duplex,            edition of 1983 was printed fifteen times—the
less so when it is portrait duplex, but it’s likely
that your printer is different. The overall result   last in 2000. The jacket of the 1983 edition,
is a simple but striking card; visually interest-
ing but also informative, as well as being a         says: "This little book of rules has become
proper “religious” Christmas card.
Christmas cards are a challenge and an               indispensable to all professionals, and
opportunity for any designer/printer and I
hope these examples have given you some              widely useful to others concerned with the
inspiration for extending your comfort zone
and trying something more difficult. I would         business of putting words into print—which
welcome any feedback you may have. Why
not email me at: and I will        includes such matters as alternative spellings,
be delighted to respond.
                                                     punctuation, capitilazation, italicization,

                                                     abbreviations, and many other details”.

                                                     (I would be interested to know if Hart’s Rules

                                                     are still consulted by BPS members).

                                                     In later life, Horace Hart sadly suffered from
                                                     depression and drowned himself near Oxford
                                                     in 1916. –Ed

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