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Digitally Printed Christmas Cards
                                                 by Bob Edwards (9527)

            E’VE JUST ENDURED that time of       drawing abilities are zero; I envy those who
            year again, when customers arrive    can sketch an appropriate Christmas subject in
           wanting personalised Christmas        pen and ink, or perhaps paint in watercolour.
cards late in November, and then wonder          For me, my camera is the friend that hopefully
why you look stressed! Did you have a good       brings Christmas cheer—or at least gives me
Christmas? Do you have any interesting cards     the possibility of a unique card produced at
on your mantelpiece? And were they printed       maximum quality. Despite the complexity

1 23

in the UK, or better still,  4                                              5

were they the creations of                       of the process needed to produce a good
                                                 Christmas card, I’d like to give you an idea
BPS members? I do hope so.                       of the steps that I go through to get artwork
                                                 suitable for printing and I’ll describe some
    For those of us who

are more into digital and

foil printing rather than

letterpress, Christmas is

a gift for printing; such a

wealth of different designs

are possible. Of course,

the imaging software that

you have at your disposal

and your ability to use it

creatively are just as big

a factor as the printer

you use, regardless of

whether it is inkjet or laser. I start thinking

about Christmas cards in January, looking

out for good photographic opportunities

throughout the year. I have to because my

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