Page 9 - December 2015
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too early to meet him. A shame, but at least
we saw the machines in acƟon before cold
weather closed the museum buildings for the
winter. The park reopens fully in March and
is well worth seeing, with a wide range of
buildings and frequent trams to take visitors
around the whole site. We stayed unƟl closing
Ɵme. If you are in the area - I would certainly
recommend visiƟng.


«›ÙÃÄÄ þƒÖ¥ ΄ϏϗϏϖ-ϐώϏϓ΅, ãùÖʦك֫›Ù ƒÄ— —›Ý®¦Ä›Ù Ê¥ 㫛 ¥ÊÄã þƒÖ¥ —®Ä¦ƒãÝ ΄Ϗϗϕϖ΅,
ƒ Öٛ‘çÙÝÊÙ ãÊ ›Ãʹ® ó› ݛ› ãʗƒù͑
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