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             PRINTING AT THE

                                           by Vicki Barton (10519)

      OR MOST travellers in this part of the     the woodland path from the mill, we found
      Netherlands, visiƟng Arnhem means          a print shop - or Drukkerij as it is known in
      just one thing—the Bridge. There           Dutch. Not originally used for prinƟng, the
are indeed several
monuments and                                                                  building is in fact
museums concerning                                                             a former changing
the famous baƩle of                                                            room for an open air
1944 in this Dutch                                                             theatre. However it
city, but on our recent                                                        had been converted
visit we had just one                                                          into a neat two room
day to visit Arnhem,                                                           print works.
and had another
museum in mind. On                                                                 It was half term
the edge of the Hoge                                                           when we visited
Veluwe NaƟonal Park                                                            and the shop was
is the Netherlands                                                             crowded with
Open Air Museum.                                                               youngsters eager
Like many other                                                                to try their hand at
museums of this type                                                           making their own
it exhibits domesƟc,                                                           souvenir. In the
rural and urban                                                                picture you can see
buildings that have                                                            my friend peeping
been transported                                                               in at the window -
from other parts of                                                            she had worked the
the country. There                                                             machine without
are some exhibits                                                              being asked and was
that perhaps have                                                              firmly told off! She
more significance for                                                           thought it beƩer
Dutch visitors, such                                                           aŌer that to maintain
as an old farmhouse                                                            a discreet distance.
once owned by a
prominent poliƟcian,                                                               I am not
and barracks occupied by South Moluccan                                        knowledgeable
immigrants in the 1950s, but other stops                                       about iron presses,
such as an old Ɵme coffee shop and a Ɵny old                                    but I was interested
caravan have more general appeal. We knew        to see that the vintage machines in the
there was a paper mill here, which was our       shop were of BriƟsh make. The printer was
chief interest before we got there, but just up  actually a compositor by trade, and explained
                                                 that he worked the press with one other
                                                 volunteer, who also had his own prinƟng set
                                                 up at home, and that we had come one day
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