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This month's picture was taken in Scotland, where unƟl fairly recently, this
press was a working press. It is hoped that it can now to put on show to the
public. Answers please.

NAME THE PRESS 29 was of course a             The press, a Large Demy Flatbed, was
Wharfdale and the first to get the answer   built by John Kelly & Sons of Otley and
to us was again Nick Smith (7951); thanks  was used for prinƟng the local newspaper
also goes to Len Friend (8988) with a      The Blairie.
detailed answer. The photo (see leŌ)       The last job it produced were elecƟon
was taken when John Easson and myself      posters in 2001. It is hoped that the press
went to visit the now closed 'Blairgowrie  and the other associated plant will find a
Printers', at the end of June.             permanent home in a local museum.
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