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THE cover picture for this December—and              Mrs Laura Seddon was a collector of
Christmas—ediƟon of Small Printer is taken        Victorian GreeƟng Cards and at the age of
from Matrix 12 – The Winter 1992 Review for       seventy-six, embarked on the Herculean task
Printers and Bibliophiles, printed and published  of cataloguing thirty-one thousand cards,
in an ediƟon of 925 copies by the Whiƫngton       mounted in two hundred and seventy four
Press. The card pictures show a selecƟon of       volumes. In 1992 she was made an Honorary
Father and Mother Christmas Cards, from a         Fellow of the University of Manchester, in
variety of illustrators (sƟll very popular in     recogniƟon of her donaƟon of the cards and
the USA).                                         her achievement in cataloguing such a huge
                                                  number of cards.
   These pictures compliment a review by
Sue Band of a book by Laura Seddon, called           The first Christmas Card, (leŌ) appeared
A Gallery of GreeƟngs published by the            in 1843 (lithographed and hand coloured)
Manchester Polytechnic Library in 1992.           but the idea did not catch on unƟl some
                                                  twenty years later with the invenƟon of the
                                                  chromolithographic process. Postal reforms
                                                  also added to the success of the Christmas
                                                  card, that by the 1880s, cards were being
                                                  printed in their millions. With the advent
                                                  of email and increased postage costs, the
                                                  number of cards sold today is dwindling. But
                                                  how joyous it is that us printers can produce
                                                  our own cards with whatever process and
                                                  design that takes our fancy.
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