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   Sƒ½›Ý S›‘Ù›ãƒÙù                                   even more secret mission. There's nothing to
                                                     report on x that isn't already obvious. X marks
The current incumbent who                            the spot. You already know it all. The theory
  hold this posiƟon, wishes                          of informaƟon posits that only the unknown
  to hand over to another                            consƟtutes valuable informaƟon. What
                                                     everyone knows is no longer news. Might
member as soon as possible,                          there be an announcement that everyone
  due to pressure of other                           knows about and which will sƟll be news when
        commitments.                                 the morning paper carries it? It sounds like an
                                                     insoluble chess problem, this paradox.
If anyone would like to take                         I can only imagine one event; the Apoclypse.
on this posiƟon, they should                         The planet exploding, flooding or shrivelling
 contact Sandra Munday to                            up. When the paper reports: World ends, it
 discuss what is involved on                         will turn out that everyone has been secretly
                                                     reckoning with the world ending for ages.
   01460 220819 or email                             Mankind has been fascinated by the idea for
wonderwoman@perryprint.                              centuries and the event itself is, they say, more
                                                     imminent than ever. Everyone knows it, and                               yet it will be the greatest news of all Ɵme—as
                                                     well as being the last. But when? Since we love
                                                     living with symbols, let us call it X hour. What
                                                     a predictable end!

                                                     Taken from LeƩers by Gerard Unger.
                                                     Published by Buitenkant, 1st ediƟon, 1994.

Extra!                                               «ƒÄ— ݛ㠐ù փÝ㠐ÖÝ Ã›Ã›Ù Ù. ‘½®¥ãÊÄ ΄ϐϒϏϏ΅ Ϗϗϔώ'Ý

THE leƩer X, there's no leƩer more predictable
in its behaviour. It is the vicƟm of its own rarity
and simplicity. Alter all, what is an X?
Just two diagonals. A cross. Cursed simplicity
that makes un-leƩering wriƟng possible. X is
not used a lot, and when it is, it is usually in
exoƟc words. This is, accordingly, a character
shrouded in mystery. Secret agent X with an
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