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   T GIVES me great                     HIS WILL be my last editorial as I hand over the reigns
    pleasure to say a huge              to Chris Green, the new editor of Small Printer from the
    thank you on behalf of              January 2016 ediƟon.
the Society to Tim Honnor         The first thing to say is that I have much enjoyed the privilege of
and his Editorial team Giles   being the editor of our monthly magazine over the last three years.
Edwards and Kim Lowe for       (How fast they have sped by!) However, whilst I feel that three
their sterling work over the   years is long enough to hold on to the editorship, there is certainly
past three years.              a large bit of me that will miss the good banter and involvement
   Another change in the       with so many of you, that this post has provided. It has been par-
posiƟon of editor has come     Ɵcularly rewarding to work with Giles Edwards, who has brought so
around for the society. Chris  much design and layout flair to the magazine, whilst, I must remind
Green is once again taking     you all, holding down a full Ɵme job with the print department of
on this important job with     York University. And with Kim Lowe who has had a full-on situaƟon
the grateful thanks of the     seƫng up her own print studio down in Dumfries.
E.C. who were beginning to         I will miss the adrenaline - and near panics (never) to fill white
wonder if they would have      space at the last moment. Chris has done the editorship before,
to do it themselves.           and I can think of no-one who is beƩer equipped to step back
   Tim and Giles have seen     into the editor’s shoes. My knowledge that there have been some
through the improvement        unfortunate typos and grammaƟcal errors that last minute proof
in the look of the magazine,   reading have not recognised, has only increased my respect for the
by the increased use of        full Ɵme editors of our naƟonal newspapers and magazines, who
colour. There have been a      are really fighƟng the highest of deadlines and having to deal with
wide range of arƟcles which    both factual and poliƟcal content. So thanks to one and all for your
Tim has had to source in       support that I know you will transfer to Chris Green in full measure.
order to fill the pages of         The editorship has also been a catalyst for me in now wanƟng
Small Printer, by using his    to write an account of my thirty years establishing and growing
knowledge of the industry,     ‘Piccolo Press’. I realise that during this journey, I met so many
along with Giles Edwards       many different and fascinaƟng people, both amateur and
and Kim Lowe.                  professional from throughout the prinƟng industry. Many of these
   The new Editor will be      are or were, from the BriƟsh PrinƟng Society, without which I
establishing his style over    doubt I would have ever got off the starƟng blocks. I also saw
the first few issues and will   prinƟng technology change, if not day to day, certainly year to
appreciate comments from       year. Whilst this is not a plug for a book sƟll only in outline, I do
members who hopefully will     hope that the finished script will provide some historical interest
also supply him with lots of   to those of us fascinated by ‘print’ in all its aspects; the most
arƟcles and photographs.       important one of all being the persons who helped one through.
   Wishing you all a Very      So that is another reason to thank you for having made me put pen
Merry Christmas and a          to paper on a regular monthly basis.
Prosperous New Year.              So, over to you Chris; and a Happy Christmas and conƟnuing
                               good fortune to all BPS members for 2016 and beyond.
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