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in the past five years? Does your membership        British Printing Society
number begin with 106xx or 107xx? For those
answering “Yes”, the next paragraph is wriƩen    Publishing Group
especially for you. Read on . . . .

   If you have never been to a BPS ConvenƟon
and live within travelling distance of Bristol,
why not find the Booking Form that dropped
out of the Small Printer that you are reading
right now and take acƟon. If you can afford
a whole weekend away, then the best value
and most rewarding is Package A. Strapped
for cash or Ɵme? Then why not visit the
ConvenƟon just for the Saturday with Package
E. You’ll arrive in Ɵme for the Print & CraŌ
Show at 10 o’clock, buys lots of prinƟng stuff
that you don’t need, have lunch, go to one or
more of the talks, get a buzz from the AucƟon,
aƩend the Society’s AGM and return home
happy but exhausted!

   Don’t hesitate—complete the form,
write a cheque and send it to Chris Green,
today! You won’t regret it!

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