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          CONVENTION 2016 UPDATE

                  by Bob Edwards (9527) Chairman, BPS Maidenhead Branch

I DON’T suppose you have given it any thought,     Where are we going wrong? Are we failing

but there are now only five months to go to the these members in some way? Should we be

ConvenƟon. We have so liƩle Ɵme and so much doing something different?

to do, as BPS Maidenhead Branch                    There could be some simple

have discovered.                                   reasons for this apparent

FiŌy one delegates have                            discrepancy in the data.

now booked. All of them                            We don’t ask for or retain

are aƩending the Saturday                                            dates of birth or ages

Print & CraŌ Show and 47                                             these days—it’s makes

are staying for the Banquet.                                         for difficulƟes under the

That’s splendid news for the                       Data ProtecƟon Act—but

Society. The Bristol ConvenƟon                     it’s reasonable to assume

is shaping up to be truly                                            that members with higher

memorable.                                                                         membership numbers
   I have been looking
                              BPS CONVENTION are bound to be younger
at who has booked so                                                  than those with lower
far and it makes interesƟng reading.         2016                    numbers. That means

Two-thirds of the bookings to date                 they are more likely to be in full

are from printers who have been                    Ɵme work rather than reƟrement

members of the Society for 20                      and therefore busier, under more

years or more. That’s not surprising               pressure and with less free Ɵme
                                         BRISTOL for prinƟng. Younger members
because they know what a good

weekend is in store for them. If my                also may not be able to afford

membership records are correct,                    a residenƟal weekend away, in

I think that the “most senior” member on the monetary terms or because they have

booking list joined the Society some 55 years    family obligaƟons.

ago and is sƟll prinƟng and contribuƟng arƟcles    Another reason could simply be lack

to Small Printer. What an example to newer       of experience, that having never tried a

members of the BPS! Membership numbers           ConvenƟon, members are shying away from

aren’t everything but they do give some          commiƫng themselves months ahead of

indicaƟon of a member’s pedigree in the Society. Ɵme. What can I say except, “Be brave, give

The other third of the bookings come from it a go!” If in doubt, think of the benefits of

members who joined the Society in the past two meeƟng other BPS members, exchanging

decades, my generaƟon of the BPS. Here I start stories and gaining knowledge. Think of the

to wonder why the response from this secƟon benefits of spending Ɵme in a comfortable

of the Society is so different. For example, from relaxed environment; yes, the hotel is

the past four years’ worth of members (2011      very well appointed and you will not be

to 2015), we have only had FIVE bookings.        disappointed. Think of having good food put

Yes, that’s just five bookings from over 100      in front of you... I could go on.

members.                                           Have you joined the Society recently, say

    ÖÝ ‘ÊÄò›Äã®ÊÄ ÊÊ»®Ä¦Ý ãÊ ‘«Ù®Ý ¦Ù››Ä .............. ›Ãƒ®½: ‘ÊÄò›Äã®ÊÄμκλϔ@ÖÝěã.ÊÙ¦.ç»
    ÖÙ®Äã Ý«Êó ›ÄØç®Ù®›Ý ãÊ Ê ›—óƒÙ—Ý................... ›Ãƒ®½: ÖÙ®ÄãÝ«ÊóϐώϏϔ@ÖÝěã.ÊÙ¦.ç»
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