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to preparaƟons for the ConvenƟon which you             Next there followed a report by Barry
may have realised by now is going to be held    who had been experimenƟng with helium-
in Filton near Bristol, again at Holiday Inn.   filled balloons for the Banquet tables. The
Bob was pleased to report that 31 bookings      challenge was that a 9” balloon struggled
had been made with 51 delegates aƩended,        to stay aloŌ when weighed down by a
mostly on the Friday to Sunday Package A.       label denoƟng the name of the table. He
The Branch was delighted with this progress.    concluded that either bigger 11” balloons
It showed that the incenƟve to encourage        were required or possibly three smaller
early bookings had worked and this in turn      balloons in red, white and blue as in our
gave the Branch members confidence that          ConvenƟon logo.
all their hard work was being rewarded. The
other good news was that more than half of             Then came discussion about the
the 46 Print Show tables had been reserved,     speakers that had been invited to give talks
mostly by BPS members taking advantage          at the ConvenƟon, the Bundle items to be
of a good deal. Bob said that invitaƟons to     sent to the BPS Mailer and the topics yet
non-BPS potenƟal traders had gone out in an     to be aired in future pages of Small Printer.
effort to fill the remaining space and that this  We also discussed the Goody Bags which
was having some success.                        Chris was organising, as well as publicity
                                                flyers and the need for more discussion
                                                on social media. The business part of the
                                                meeƟng concluded with a quick look at
                                                the ConvenƟon programme, a discussion
                                                on delegate badges and the fact that no
                                                progress had been made on the aŌer-
                                                Banquet entertainment.

                                                       Just as discussion was flagging, Ann
                                                revived us with more tea and coffee and a
                                                wonderful array of food. No-one went home
                                                hungry! Many thanks go to Barry and Ann
                                                for hosƟng the meeƟng and to members for
                                                turning out on such a foggy night.

                                                                           Bob Edwards (9527)

                                                       ALL MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS currently
                                                     £27 for UK, £42 for Overseas, or noƟficaƟons for
                                                     change of address, email or telephone numbers

                                                       should be sent to the Membership Secretary:
                                                       MARGARET ROOKES, 57 CRAISTON WAY,
                                                       GREAT BADDOW, CHELMSFORD. CM2 8ED

                                                          Please make any cheques payable to the
                                                                   'BriƟsh PrinƟng Society'.
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