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his superb premises for our enjoyment and
enlightenment. Ed even demonstrated his
high speed stop cylinder press, at the special
request of Len.

   Long may the Hell Box foundry flourish.
                            Chris Brinson (10631)

Maidenhead Branch—                                        With the business side of the meeƟng
October                                            concluded, we reƟred to the kitchen where
                                                   Dorothy had laid on a grand feast for members
BPS Maidenhead Branch’s AGM was held at            present. Many thanks to Dorothy for being such
Dorothy Sydenham’s at Thame on Monday              a gracious host and for members travelling right
12th October. Bob, Barry, Paul, Richard, Janet,    out to Thame for the meeƟng, some more than
Chris, Anke and Dorothy were present, and the      100 miles return.
meeƟng kicked off at 7.30 pm. We discussed
the Minutes of the last AGM and approved                                          Paul Hatcher (10648)
them, Bob gave his chairman’s opening
remarks on the year gone and the Secretary         Maidenhead Branch—
reported on the year’s acƟviƟes. Barry then        November
gave his Treasurer’s report. The branch is sƟll
solvent and the meeƟng decided to keep the         THE November meeƟng was held at Barry and
branch subs at £5, which members present           Ann’s in Reading and six members were present.
eagerly handed over before anyone voted for        The first item of business was the Annual Branch
an amendment. Without them noƟcing it, and         Lunch which was fixed for Saturday 16th January
whilst they were engaged in discussion over        at the Reading South Holiday Inn.
some abstruse consƟtuƟonal maƩer, the whole
commiƩee was re-elected by the meeƟng and                 The remainder of the meeƟng was devoted
thus there was no need for elecƟons or any
discussion at all. That was very remiss of them
but at least it shows a certain confidence in
their leadership of the Branch. We then turned
to the programme for the coming year, and
every month for the coming year was filled
except for August and September. With now
only 8 members in Maidenhead Branch, this
was a very commendable result.

       For the rest of the meeƟng we then
turned our aƩenƟon to the ConvenƟon.
Bob showed us the canary yellow polo-shirts
that we are going to wear at the ConvenƟon, so
that even if the sun is not shining outside
there will be several suns inside the hotel.
Also, we decided to produce 100 goody bags.
Chris is in charge of these and welcomes items
for inclusion.
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