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Minutes of the meeting of the Executive Council of the British
Printing Society held on Saturday 10th October 2015, 10:15 am
at The Raven Hotel, Hook

This is an edited version of the minutes. If you would like to know the wording in the
full minutes, or would like an explanation of EC deliberations or policy, please apply in
writing to the President, Jean Watson.

Jean Watson President (in the chair); Bob Edwards Vice President; Peter Salisbury
Secretary; Paul Hatcher Councillor; Ron Rookes Councillor Ron Watson Councillor

The Minutes of the Executive Council meeting held on 23rd May 2015 were agreed and
signed by the President. Under Matters arising it was noted that new Letterhead is
almost ready for printing.

With regard to the Small Printer, there was a long discussion at the end of which
the President telephoned Chris Green who kindly agreed to become Editor from the
January 2016 edition.

The Branches were discussed including the Overseas Branch and a two tier
membership for Overseas members only was agreed.

With regard to Advertising the Society it was agreed to place an advertisement on
eBay to try and gain members.

It is now nearly ten years since the Rules were last reviewed and the Council would
discuss them at a forthcoming meeting.

Other than for machine manuals, the Library was seldom used. The Librarian would
be asked to look at the contents of the library (apart from machine manuals) and
recommend what books could be retained or sold.

In the reports submitted by Non-Executive Officers, the advertising manager had
reviewed advertising a-rates and the new rates were agreed, to come in to force
in January. The Sales Secretary asked to stand down and an advertisement for a
successor would appear in Small printer. The usual very detailed report was submitted
by the Membership Secretary.

Conventions: The bank account for the Montrose would be closed and balance
transferred to Society account. Work on the 2016 Bristol Convention progressing well.
No Branch has yet offered to host the 2017 Convention and there was a discussion on
alternatives, bearing in mind that an AGM has to be held. If you or your branch would
like to arrange the Convention or help, please contact the President (her details are on
the inside front cover of the magazine).

The next meeting of the Executive Council will be in Hook, Hampshire on 6th
February 2016.
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